Glit̸ch ́Mak̸e̷r

W̸̕H̨҉AT ̶?̛͞ ̵

A glitch is a short-lived fault in a system. An electronics glitch is an undesired transition that occurs before the signal settles to its intended value. A computer glitch is the failure of a system, usually containing a computing device, to complete its functions or to perform them properly. Glitch Maker is a software to create g̛͏l̵̢i̴t̶̨͟ç̴͞h͏ ̵͞ animation, graphics which is created by Baran Güleşen with using Processing Language. It is a free and downloadable app for making colourfull glitch visual. Also you can look at the source code, change it, if you want to use for your any purpose and please tell me which project I contributed if already not know. Read more... How, Code, video, image, Get, Set.

*҉̛͟HO̷͘W̵ ̸̛?̨̀̕

If you know how to bend processing code just do it. To do that copy the whole code and paste in to your processing sketch and run it. It creates experimental flowing visual glitch. The code provides to you understanding how to create basic glitch effects with some functions in processing. It creates random rectangle and change the pixel direction with set() and get()' class. If you don't know what that mean, just download the app according to your operating system and use your screenshot program to get your glitch image. On the other hands, if you know what to do, you do, you can add saveFrame() class to get hundred of glitch images in your hard drive. Just start with playing numbers in my code. It provides to you to understand my code's structure, which is which, how it effected on whole pictures. Not afraid be hero dude and discover my code. Just try it is very simple. You can create your own structure with mine. Have a nice journey. If you have a question about that send me an e-mail. I can turn back to you as soon as posible to be friend.

*̘̀͠C͢O̶D̸E̢ ͟

Copy the whole code and paste into your processing sketch to play numbers with easily. < pull it to see




Choose your operating system to download Glitch Maker Software.

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LINUX 32Bit - LINUX 64Bit



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