BiiZ Tekstil

BiiZ Tekstil Pazarlama A.S. was established in 2015 in Istanbul/TURKEY to supply and give service to companies which are producing ready-made garments with Denim and Non-Denim fabrics.

BiiZ A.S. has perfected its settlement with the sole purpose of fulfilling fast service, reasonable price, quality products and stock fabric requirements of ready-made garment producers and working with ModArtCollective to spread out denim fabrics which has a esteemed place on all around the world. BiiZ’s , which is called Denim Esspresso, has been developed independently from ModArtCollective’s own collection with the years of sales and production experiences of our founders. The denim collection has 5 to 13 oz % 100 Cotton items, 9 to 12 oz Comfort Stretch items and 8 to 12 oz Power Stretch items. BiiZ has 1 million meters/month capacity from ModArtCollective and running around 5 million regular stock. Denim Esspresso collection does not contain Premium Products and can be considered in Mid-UpLevel which is the big share from general market requriements. Thus the prices are very competative and collection is very commercial.

Apart from denim collection, BiiZ A.S. holding dyestuff rights of a special dischargeable non-denim collection which can finally meet the needs for long pursuit of innovative and alternative products in outer washed garments. This collection is designed to fulfill denim-look, gabardine, sateen, tencel and corduroy fabric requirements with around 40 colors and 30 constructions.