Acoustic Guitar Performance

Live Perform by Kira Lyra

Kira Lyra was with us…

We miss you Kira 😉

She was in “Moda Art House”, we just chat and talking about the place when she was here, you know that what we are doing about the “Moda Art House”. We had not so much more time to do this just like a little perform with Kira in this house, Kira give us great inspirations also she already has some of recording in her web site, If you did not know about her music, you should check her website. She has an amazing voice and great vision so, when she back to Istanbul, she has already given a promise for us to perform her talent in “Moda Art House” so, when she will back to Istanbul, we really like to introduce to Kira Lyra’s music, Anyway, We spontaneously made a small video shoot when she play very well in Istanbul , She’s amazing..