Audio Reactive Visual Installation

We are here to drink delicious coffee and drawing something interesting stuff in this place. If you already knew about Eski Moda Coffee,  you also knew about the place of groove. We really like Eski Moda Coffee and its design so we want to make some of interaction process for the place. If you don’t know anything about the garden, you’d definitely check the hot ground hangout place, It is not only for mini concert place but also we think for making some of little events and mini theatre and of course it is for breathtaking with some of cool people, sound and touching some of amazing creative application, just in there. Means in Moda, we’ve just started today for the design process for collective and hope that the place should be a first class coffee & shop. Because, they have already creative mind and all who work for the place are collaborative people who meet you in possible @ Moda

Here is our design process for Eski Moda Coffee & Shop’ entrance in below, We built audio and motion reactive visual system for the wall to make exhibitions & installations with Moda Art Collective’ talented artist. Hope you like it.

enjoy !

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There is no audio in this video.

Sorry for the shaky cam, it is because of Iphone to record.


Call for Art // MODA Collective House

Moda ART HOUSE Gallery, Istanbul – September 13 / 20, 2015
EXTENDED Deadline: Oct 05, 2015

It’s Open Group, in collaboration with International Art, Baran Güleşen and Moda ART HOUSE Gallery, is selecting all interesting live music, video-art works, photography works, paintings, installations and performance art works to include in the next 2015 exhibition:

Moda ART HOUSE – BORDERS & DISORDERS, contemporary art exhibition of live music, photography, video-art, painting, installation and performance art, that will be held in Moda ART HOUSE Gallery, from the 13th to the 20th of Oct 2015.

Here is Our Social Page.



Apply Here http://studiobrn.org 


Moda Collective // Art House

Moda Art Collective.
Performances of Music & Art. Food & drinks service
Fridays 8pm. Moda Cad 112. Giris Kat. Daire 3


Nice place to meet for inexpensive food and drinks while experiencing new and classic music as well as experimental art, sensory apps and hybrid analog and digital creative designs.

income to help artists cause and cover costs.

Uygun fiyatlı yiyecek ve içecekleriyle muzik ve deneysel sanat çalışmalarını izleyebileceğiniz nezih bir mekan.

Çalışmalarımızın geliri tam bağımsız yaşam ve destekçileri için kullanılacaktır.

Acoustic Guitar Performance

Live Perform by Kira Lyra

Kira Lyra was with us…

We miss you Kira 😉

She was in “Moda Art House”, we just chat and talking about the place when she was here, you know that what we are doing about the “Moda Art House”. We had not so much more time to do this just like a little perform with Kira in this house, Kira give us great inspirations also she already has some of recording in her web site, If you did not know about her music, you should check her website. She has an amazing voice and great vision so, when she back to Istanbul, she has already given a promise for us to perform her talent in “Moda Art House” so, when she will back to Istanbul, we really like to introduce to Kira Lyra’s music, Anyway, We spontaneously made a small video shoot when she play very well in Istanbul , She’s amazing..